Prospects of Digital Assets when the World Economy is Unraveling

Prospects of Digital Assets when the World Economy is Unraveling


As digital technology develops, the prospects for digital assets are interesting to observe. One of them is the development of crypto which is called a new era of the financial industry. But not far away, the world has been hit by a crisis that has the potential for a recession.

This condition apparently also raises concerns for the crypto industry, given the very high volatility of this industry.

Simultaneously, a number of major players in the crypto industry have fallen, adding to concerns about the future of digital assets.

“The prospects for the future will continue to grow. However, like the stock market, there will definitely be a correction before it reaches its highest point or all time high (ATH). Price swings are common in the investment world, including stocks and cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, the great opportunity for digital assets is the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. If adoption can continue and be massive, Bianda believes it will greatly benefit the market.

Where the growth of the crypto ecosystem will go and the effects will extend. But once again, if the macroeconomic situation is not stable with high inflation rates in several countries it will hinder the growth of the crypto market.

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